The Lovely Leaf Teabook: A Visual Recipe Book

Why a Tea Recipe Book?

I created this tea book for tea-lovers that want to create their own tea blends. People now seem to be going back to the basics and trying to create their own foods rather than purchasing them. I find this lifestyle enticing, and created this recipe book as a step towards that mission. I love recipe books and I’ve always wanted to illustrate one, and nothing is more cute than florals and fruits! 


  • 42 custom ingredient illustrations
  • 12 recipes sourced from DIY blogs
  • Laser cut, recycled card stock cover with custom logo
  • 4 genres of recipes: health, fruity, rooibos, & holiday
  • Tea kit including 2 tea tools, a green-tea loose-leaf pack, & 100 reusable cloth teabags. 
  • Product case: stores the recipe book and the kit together


I began by creating 42 unique and detailed illustrations for each of the ingredients needed for all of the recipes. The recipes were taken from online blogs so I provided the website where each one can be found on their corresponding pages. 

Because the whole point of this book is about going back to the basics, I wanted the book to convey that feeling: natural, earthy, and made with love. I decided on a recycled paper card stock for the cover and laser cut the designed logo into it. 

The book is divided into four sections: healthy blends, fruity blends, rooibos blends, and holiday blends, each color-coated and referenced in the index in the front. I decided on a variety that would speak to different tastes and purposes.

I also created a kit to go along with the tea book as a starter-pack for those beginning this DIY process. The kit include tea tools, reusable cloth tea bags to store your tea blends, and a base loose-leaf green tea that accompanies many of the recipes. I then created a carrier for the book and kit so they can be stored together. 

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