walla walla fair card


While interning for the Walla Walla Fairgrounds, I was asked to create a promotional card to handout at summer events and to keep at our information desks. The card needed to contain information about all of the events at the 2019 fair, and needed interest people enough to pick it up. 



  • Custom lettering
  • Content organization
  • Fun typography
  • Production


Coming into this project, I knew I wanted the design to be lettering-based. I love the look of retro fair posters and the fun lettering that is on them, and wanted to emulate this in my design. This mainly shows through my design of the word, “fun”. I included the bright red, the decorative swirls, and the classic serifs that I had seen on many of the posters. The point in this was to make someone look at the card and instantly connect it to fair-related content. I used the 2019 fair slogan as the cover of the card. The fair spreads this slogan everywhere – on their website, newspapers, ads, announcements, social media, and more – and I knew it would be quite easily recognized and might connect user’s fond memories to the card. I decided on three types of lettering to give the card more visual variety and color, since this card is meant to be fun and bright. The back of the card contained all of the events happening at the fair. This part proved difficult, as there are many events and they needed to be clearly displayed with their corresponding dates, but not crowded. I used simple grids to organize the content, and placed the images I was given for each event into it. I then printed 150 cards on card stock to be placed at all of the fair offices and to be handed out at local events around Walla Walla.